Head and Brain Injuries

Northern California Brian Injury Lawyer

The term “brain injury” refers to any injury of the brain. It can be an “open head injury” caused by fracture or penetration of the skull, or a “closed head injury” caused by disease or a rapid involuntary movement of the head such as Shaken Baby Syndrome. These traumatic injuries can have devastating lifelong effects on the physical and mental functioning of the victim. Loss of consciousness, permanently altered memory and/or personality, partial or complete paralysis, and a persistent vegetative state are just some of the devastating possibilities severe brain injury survivors and their families face.

Help For Those Affected By Brain Injuries

The law can help those who have suffered losses because of brain injuries.

If you or a loved one has been injured through the carelessness, negligence, or irresponsible behavior of another individual, business, or organization, you may have a valid personal injury claim in Northern California. A brain injury lawyer can help you pursue compensation for your medical costs, loss of income, and suffering.

Our traumatic injury lawyers at Altemus & Wagner have helped many victims of brain injuries in Northern California receive just compensation for their losses and suffering. Your loved one deserves justice.

For a free and confidential consultation with one of our Northern California brain injury lawyers at Altemus & Wagner, call 1-530-242-8800 toll-free, or complete our Online Case Submission Questionnaire.

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